August 29, 2014 Articles

Social Media Marketing: A Woman Advocate's Perspective

By Courtney Ward-Reichard

The Pearl Jam song “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town” tells the story of an older woman, stuck in a small town, when a former boyfriend returns and doesn’t recognize her. She laments, “I changed by not changing at all.” Like it or not, refusing to change in the face of new circumstances is still changing. If the world around you moves forward, and you don’t, then you are the one who has changed.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters
Refusing to explore new ways of marketing your practice is a perfect example of changing “by not changing at all.” Many lawyers cling to time-tested ways of connecting with potential clients, and either refuse entirely to use social media or do so half-heartedly and quickly abandon the effort if they don’t see an immediate result. Usually, the excuse is that social media marketing is a waste of time.

That’s unfortunate, because marketing through social media offers the opportunity to network and showcase your expertise to an entirely new and varied audience. The best rainmakers know that, while your skills and reputation are important, successful marketing is all about relationships. Social media sites are a great way to create and build relationships.

Like it or not, everyone has an online brand. Someone absent from social media entirely, or with a half-completed or out-of-date social media presence, is still conveying something about himself or herself—and not something positive.

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