August 29, 2014 Articles

Practical Tips for Crafting Effective Pitches

By Jennifer Roscetti

Congratulations. You’ve been asked to pitch for work from a potential client. But how do you create a pitch that wins the business? Building a successful pitch starts well before the actual sales meeting. This article explores the planning and execution of an effective pitch that is tailored to the potential client’s needs.

Before the Pitch: Fact Discovery
As strange as it may seem, the pitch process closely resembles litigation. Just as fact discovery is vital to developing winning arguments at trial, fact discovery of the potential client’s needs becomes crucial in developing and presenting an effective pitch. The first question attorneys often ask a potential client is why he or she is seeking counsel. But the answer to this question does not provide a full understanding of the client’s needs. For example, in the patent world, we often are asked to pitch for defense of a patent litigation where a potential client’s product is accused of infringing a patent. But the pitch should not be limited to defending the litigation. Instead, it is important to understand what role the product at issue plays in the potential client’s overall business plan.

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