December 16, 2014 Articles

Mind Over Matter: 10 Tips for Surviving Your First Month of Practice

By Jessica F. Nwokocha

Most lawyers will always remember the day they began their professional career, and the looming feeling of, “Oh my gosh, I just graduated from law school and have no clue how to practice law.” You may feel overwhelmed. You may even question your decision to become a lawyer in the first place. Don’t panic. These feelings are a natural part of embarking on any new journey. The key to survival is simply to keep everything in perspective, and remember these 10 tips.

You may not start off perfect, but practice will eventually get you there. Be patient with yourself and embrace the learning and humbling experiences of your journey.
Perfectionists are attracted to the practice of law. Quite naturally, you will set the bar extremely high for your work product. However, if you recently graduated from law school, there is a great deal that you have yet to learn. You are going to make mistakes. Own them, learn from them, and move on. Do not dwell on mistakes that you cannot take back. The beauty of failure is in the lesson learned and the ounce of prevention gained.

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