August 29, 2014 Articles

Marketing Tips for Young Women Attorneys: Your Partners and Colleagues Are Clients, Too

By Tiffany deGruy and Anna M. Manasco

Often, the “go-to” associates within a firm receive plum assignments, advanced responsibilities, and opportunities for client relationships and external marketing that are not available to others in their peer group. Yet, cultivating a “go-to” reputation can be challenging for young attorneys whose plates already are full, often both at home and at the office, and who must be discriminating about the opportunities they seek and the responsibilities they take on. Here, we offer a few practical tips for making the most of your investment in your reputation and establishing yourself as a “go-to” associate.

Form Mentoring Relationships with Partners
In some ways, this tip is first because it’s almost self-evident. Typically, associates who are known as go-to associates within the firm earned that reputation by actually being the go-to associate for a busy member of the firm, who wisely and generously mentored the associate about how to broaden his or her horizons and reputation. We all know that mentoring relationships are essential to navigating firm dynamics and building a successful practice, but too many of us wait for mentors to be “assigned” through formal programs or networks, missing easy opportunities to build relationships along the way.

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