December 16, 2014 Articles

How to Become the MVP on a Professional Team

By Joy Isaacs

Whether you landed in a firm, an agency or government organization, or a business setting, successfully navigating through the early stages of your career will undoubtedly require you to become a member of a professional team. And if you are like most recent graduates (myself included), you likely do not have extensive experience in this arena. However, mastering this skill early on is critical, as effective collaboration can have a direct impact on the services you provide to a client.

First things first—what do I mean when I say “professional team?” A professional team can come in almost any form and have a variety of purposes. It might be a group of attorneys and staff assigned to a particular case. Or it might be a group of associates assigned to organize the office holiday party. Regardless of the team’s purpose, the common denominator in almost every professional setting is that developing successful teamwork skills is a necessity.

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