May 20, 2014 Articles

How I Defied the Risks, Started My Own Firm, and Lived to Tell About It

By Jeana Goosmann

Five years ago, I left a large law firm and defied the risks of starting my own firm. My firm has grown substantially over these five years—in clients, staff, and number of offices. Some of the risks I anticipated; others I did not. I hope reading about my experiences will empower interested readers to take similar risks and beat the odds.

Starting a business comes with many risks. Most future business owners only hear about these risks in a negative light. Some may choose to shy away from their original idea for a business and never make that first bold move. If you are thinking of starting your own law firm, I encourage you to recognize the risks of starting a business—but instead of dwelling on them, defy them. That is what taking a risk is all about: walking into the unknown and being confident that your decisions, experience, and strategic mindset will lead you down the path to success.

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