August 27, 2013 Articles

Take Control of Technology Before It Takes Control of You

By Shannon Spangler and Anne Kershaw

Lawyers are often tagged as slow technology adopters. Our profession is a traditional one, and our business model does not necessarily reward efficiency. We are failure- and risk-averse, and we are deeply suspicious of new ideas. Lawyers rank “two standard deviations above the normal population in a trait called skepticism . . .” and “we can find fault in anything.” Thus, we are pessimists who see “‘difficulty in every opportunity.’” Mazzone, Erik, “The Innovation Imperative: Adapt or Die?ABA Law Practice Magazine, July/August 2013; see alsoWeb 2.0 Still a No-go,” ABA Journal, September 1, 2008.

The digital world has moved ahead, leaving lawyers in its wake. Are you running to catch up? If not, you should be.

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