May 09, 2012 Articles

How to Write a Good Invoice

Learn the rules for each client. Once you know the rules, they are often very simple to follow.

By Teresa Beck, Esq.

Billing clients for our work is one of the most important tasks for lawyers. Our bills say a lot about us, both as individuals and as members of firms, and it is critical for lawyers to master the art and skill of billing to succeed at the highest levels of the profession. Although it is impossible to predict what will pass muster in every billing situation, below are some general principles to guide you.

Above All, Be Honest and Ethical It is imperative that our bills are honest reflections of valuable and necessary work performed for our clients. Our clients have developed complex billing review programs because, among other reasons, there is a sense of distrust. We can overcome these concerns by carefully billing for our work, ensuring we are doing only work that is required and that has value to our client.

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