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This I Believe: Happily Ever After

The author delivers a message on the importance of choice, which resonates across all lines of potential division, in NPR's "I Believe" series.

By Abbe Fletman

The following piece first aired on Jan. 16, 2009, on the Philadelphia affiliate of National Public Radio, as part of the "This I Believe" series. It was written by Abbe Fletman, a former cochair of the Woman Advocate Committee, who heads intellectual property litigation at the Flaster Greenberg firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Abbe is a member of the Council of the Section of Litigation, and has been involved in many other community service activities during the course of her 24-year legal career. Abbe has worked primarily as a corporate defense lawyer, representing clients in cases ranging from securities fraud to copyright infringement involving pesticide labels. When Abbe first began practicing law, being an openly gay lawyer in a long-term committed relationship was not necessarily a career enhancing move at a law firm. But Abbe made a choice early in her career to be herself, whether working in the office, in the community, or at home. In this day of divisive sound-bite politics, Abbe's temperate and equable message about the importance of choice resonates across all lines of potential division.

As a girl, fairytales never captivated me. I never saw myself meeting a handsome prince and living happily ever after. At the time my childhood girlfriends had these dreams, I didn't understand why.

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