September 28, 2011 Articles

Hollee Schwartz Temple on Good Enough Is the New Perfect

The author of Good Enough Is the New Perfect talks about the choices that litigator moms have available to them in achieving work-life balance.

By Meredith L. Mercurio

Hollee Schwartz Temple, a 1996 graduate of Northwestern University and a 1999 graduate of Duke University College of Law, took time out of her very hectic schedule to talk to me about Good Enough Is the New Perfect, a book she coauthored with friend and fellow Northwestern graduate, journalist Becky Beaupre Gillespie. Now professor of law and the director of legal research and writing at West Virginia University College of Law, Hollee sacrificed a high-paying and prestigious position with a large Pittsburgh law firm to achieve the elusive work-life balance that working mothers so desperately seek. In performing research for her book, Hollee and Becky surveyed 905 professional working moms, 174 of whom were lawyers.

During a busy week where Hollee had been running through airports traveling to speaking engagements, she and I were able to spend some time talking about her book and about the challenges and choices that women litigators face. Amid the chaos of Holleeā€™s two young boys and their friends laughing and playing in the background, a visit from the piano teacher, and a dog on the loose, Hollee provided me with some of the insight she gained from her research and answered some of my questions about the choices that litigator moms have available to them in finding their new perfect.

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