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The Attributes of Strong Female Leaders

By Angela A. Turiano – May 14, 2020 | As the global pandemic has highlighted the strengths of women leaders the world over, we can see the need for such leadership in the legal profession, too.

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Lawyering During Lockdown

By Jacqueline L. King and Matilda Lici – May 19, 2020 | Seven tips to manage (and enjoy!) your legal practice during this new normal.

Be Your Own Best Advocate

By Kori Cooper – May 19, 2020 | A young advocate shares tips on setting boundaries, building coalitions, and owning your accomplishments.

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Top Ten Tips for Virtual Oral Arguments

By Lindsay Breedlove – June 23, 2020 | How do you prepare differently for an oral argument that will occur on a video platform? What small tweaks to your in-person routine should you make to ensure you are your most persuasive and confident self? Lindsay Breedlove provides her top ten tips for preparing for and presenting oral arguments by use of remote video. (7:54 min)

COVID-19 and Senior Investors

By Angela Turiano and Matthew Plant – June 12, 2020 | Angela Turiano and Matthew Plant discuss scams, regulatory responses and best practices for senior investors during COVID-19. (15:36 min)

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