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Gerrymandering: A Non-Justiciable Political Question

By Jaelyn Miller and Ariel E. Harris – August 26, 2019 | The U.S. Supreme Court found that partisan advantage is a permissible intent behind districting choices and that the issue is to be left to the legislature.

Our Work-Life Balance Needs an Overhaul

By Gabrielle Pelura – July 30, 2019 | Every lawyer has a different threshold where happiness and productivity merge, and firms should capitalize on those differences to better their practice as a whole.

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Flexibility in the Legal Profession: Five Practical Tips for the Courtroom and Beyond

By Caroline A. Morgan – August 16, 2019 | Be the best negotiator, evaluator, advisor, and advocate by becoming more flexible in your approach.

Maintaining Perspective While Considering and Pursuing Alternative Work Arrangements

By Christina Plum – August 16, 2019 | Revisiting a 2017 essay by Section Leader Christina Plum.

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Privacy Law: How to Get Involved in the Area and Issues on the Horizon

By Bridget Warren & Erin Illman – May 30, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Erin Illman, a Board Certified Specialist in Privacy & Information Security Law, discusses how she got involved in this area of the law, the issues businesses face in this area, and how others can get more involved.

Spotting and Overcoming Gender Bias in the Workplace

By Lindsay Breedlove and Bridget Warren | Lindsay Breedlove and Bridget Warren discuss behaviors that disproportionately affect women, how to spot gender bias, and what women can do to overcome gender bias. (10:45 min)

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