Recent Practice Points

Using Your Computer to Bring in Business

By Emily Wessel Farr – December 12, 2018 | You don’t have to be an I.P. attorney to understand the value of technology and how it can help you grow your practice. Plug in and plug away!

Six Tips for Effectively Using Technology in the Courtroom

By Tiffany deGruy – December 12, 2018 | As the world continues to become dependent on new innovations, mastering their use in court can strengthen your case.

Recent Articles

What Does Blockchain Mean for Dispute Resolution?

By Nicole Moran – December 12, 2018 | Centralized and distributed ledgers of market and financial data may allow for more efficient collection and analyses of crucial data in a variety of disputes.

How Did My Watch Become a Medical Device?

By Katrina Long – December 12, 2018 | New developments, like the 21st Century Cures Act, and corresponding guidance from the FDA provide an initial road map to approach regulatory issues in the digital health age.


Spotting and Overcoming Gender Bias in the Workplace

By Lindsay Breedlove and Bridget Warren | Lindsay Breedlove and Bridget Warren discuss behaviors that disproportionately affect women, how to spot gender bias, and what women can do to overcome gender bias. (10:45 min)

Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses

By Miranda Lundeen Soto – March 13, 2018 | This Sound Advice discusses how to effectively cross-examine an expert witness, ways to tell a story through cross-examination, and how to handle objections.

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