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The Importance of Finding Happiness and Stability in Unpredictable Times

By Taylor Anderson – March 30, 2020 | Tips for maintaining positivity during COVID-19.

Just Being Neighbourly: Obtaining Evidence from Canada Through Letters of Request

By Calie Adamson and Laura Brazil – January 23, 2020 | It may come as a surprise to learn that there is no treaty governing the process of obtaining evidence between the United States and Canada in the event of a legal dispute.

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Recent Articles

A Conversation with the First Women to Lead Two of Delaware’s Largest Firms

By Valerie Caras – February 20, 2020 | While reflecting on more than 60 years of combined expertise, Kathleen Furey McDonough and Doneene K. Damon share how they encourage women to lean in to their legal careers and why that matters.

A Big Business Development Idea: Give Authentically Without Keeping Track

By Lindsay Breedlove – February 20, 2020 | If you cringe at the thought of “selling” your legal work to new clients, consider shifting your perspective.

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How to Become a Special Master—a Roundtable Preview

By Debby Greenspan, Angela Turiano and Randi Roth – February 20, 2020 | Debby Greenspan and Randi Roth, two accomplished female Special Masters, will give you a preview of the upcoming WAC Roundtable on the "How-To's" and benefits of becoming a Special Master and the push to increase diversity in the field. (7:34 min)

Privacy Law: How to Get Involved in the Area and Issues on the Horizon

By Bridget Warren & Erin Illman – May 30, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Erin Illman, a Board Certified Specialist in Privacy & Information Security Law, discusses how she got involved in this area of the law, the issues businesses face in this area, and how others can get more involved. (10:22 min)

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