June 30, 2017

Judge in "Pharma Bro" Case Rejects Mistrial Request

Connor Choate

The judge for the Eastern District Court of New York rejected Martin Shkreli’s attorney’s motion for a mistrial this week. Shkreli’s attorney argued negative press coverage “irreparably tainted” the jury selection process after the release multiple news stories about prospective jurors’ critical opinions of Shkreli.

Shkreli’s attorney Benjamin Brafman argued the bad press coverage would prevent the jury from making a fair and impartial decision. He contended that it would be difficult to imagine jurors not being exposed to the coverage that would then taint their perceptions of Shkreli’s case. Judge Kiyo Matsumoto knocked down both Brafman’s request for a mistrial and his objection to reporters listening in on sidebars during jury selection.

Jury selection for Shkreli’s case continues as Judge Matsumoto called in more potential jurors to the pool.

Connor Choate

Intern with Austin Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.