March 22, 2021 Articles

Play Nice and Be Prepared!

A review of Cecil C. Kuhne III’s “Questions & Answers for Litigators.”

By Nick Sorensen

As a young, recently barred attorney, I came to the rather quick conclusion that while law school and bar preparation had taught me the law, I still had a long way to go in learning how to be a lawyer. So, since that realization, I have spent time cutting my teeth learning the trade, finding guidance and counsel from mentors, and using other resources to shed light on what is and what is not good practice of the law. One such resource is Cecil Kuhne’s new book published by the American Bar Association, Questions & Answers for Litigators (2020). This short but concise and meaningful work, reviewed below, encapsulates several of the important traits good lawyers, particularly litigators, must have.

Kuhne’s book and its key messages apply to litigators of all stripes and experience, so while I write this from the perspective of one fresh in the law, any attorney, no matter their experience, can take the key concepts of this book to heart. (In my first year as an attorney, I have worked primarily in a litigation practice, so consider me a “baby” litigator.)

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