March 23, 2018 Articles

Why Mock Trials Are Important

The top four reasons why you should consider a mock trial before your next trial

By Raquel H. Crump

Many lawyers, while litigators, rarely see the inside of a courtroom. For the few cases that do proceed through trial, preparation is key. Mock trials allow counsel to prepare their best case and receive additional viewpoints that they may not have considered or been aware of. Mock trials unlock the strengths and weaknesses in a case and provide opportunities for its enhancement.

Mock trials are important for many different reasons, but this article addresses only a few. Mock trials allow counsel (1) to see how the story may resonate with the jury, (2) to see the case from the other party’s perspective, (3) to identify strengths and weaknesses of the case, and (4) to have the opportunity to practice and improve their trial skills.

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