May 23, 2014 Articles

Five Tips for New Attorneys Ready to Practice in Personal Injury Law

Get pointers on how to handle auto accidents, worker's compensation, and other types of cases

By Adam S. Goldfarb

Most of the clients I represented in my 10 years as an attorney were victims of a personal injury. The cases covered an array of auto accidents, premises liability disputes, and workers’ compensation cases. Handling these types of cases involves dealing with real people who have emotions and demand excellence of their attorneys, which can be rather difficult for a young attorney. Law schools and even your law firms will not teach you how to deal with clients, especially those suffering from a personal injury. For better or for worse, you learn on the job—sometimes the hard way!

Don’t fret. Over the years, I have developed a set of helpful tips that I used while employed in private practice as a civil litigator. These pointers are not legal advice but rather a set of aspirations that will help newly minted attorneys transition into private practice, avoiding the desire to run out the door on their first day of work.

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