March 05, 2013 Articles

My Odyssey: From Litigator to Litigation Consultant

A litigation graphics expert describes his unexpected career path

By Daniel J. Bender

Like many law students, when I started at the University of Connecticut in 1992, I did not know where my legal journey would take me . . . or, for that matter, where I wanted to take it. I was a classic liberal arts graduate with a BA in journalism, an affinity for the visual arts, and no idea what I wanted to “be when I grow up.” By the time I graduated in 1996 with a JD and an MBA, I had even less of an idea. Unlike those who always knew they wanted to be lawyers, I was in the large group for whom going to law school seemed like the goal, not the start of a lifelong career. After graduation, I was professionally adrift. Thus began my odyssey.

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