July 09, 2013 Articles

Judging Your Job Search

How a job search is like litigating a trial

By Kathy Morris

Some say there is nothing like litigation. That may be true in terms of going head-to- head to out-strategize opposing counsel pretrial or appearing in court before a jury. But I contend that a job search is like certain aspects of litigation and, to be more specific, akin in many ways to arguing a motion or representing a client in a bench trial.

For a motion hearing or a bench trial, you need to present a succinct theory of the case. In a job search, you also need to have a cogent theory of the search. Are you changing jobs to transition your efforts to another sector, to find more opportunity for advancement, or to take on more responsibility? You need to be able to set your search in context, just the way you focus the claim or defense in your case.

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