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About the Committee

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We promote fairness and justice in the American legal system by enhancing the lives and careers of trial lawyers. Our members aspire to the highest professional levels, and join us for access to the innovative, entertaining, and thought-provoking programming we provide across the country, as well as for our award-winning newsletter and website. We are a sociable group, hosting committee breakfasts, lunches, and dinners throughout the year. In addition to fostering collegiality and ethics within the trial bar, the Trial Practice Committee is devoted to bringing more diversity into the community of trial lawyers and to solving the work/life balance issues that litigators face.

Message from the Chairs

This promises to be an active year for the Trial Practice Committee. Several of our members have taken on the responsibility of producing a number of CLE programs across the country. Others have pitched in to continue to produce the high-quality publications that our members have come to expect. Here are some of the ways that you too can get involved.

Committee Book Projects: If you have a book idea, or a favorite Section book that you think would benefit from being refreshed and updated, please contact Daniel Quick.

Regional CLE Programs: If you are interested in hosting a Regional CLE program sponsored by the committee and the Section of Litigation, please contact Megha Shah or Chris Flowers.

Committee Roundtables: Committee Roundtables are telephonic, non-CLE, free programs produced and directed by the committee. Because they can be put together on very short notice, they offer a good forum to address topical issues. If you are interested in this type of program and have an idea to discuss, please contact the cochairs.

Webpage and Journal: Our Editorial Board is always interested in content to publish on the webpage and in the quarterly journal. Pieces for the website typically run in the 100–750 word range and tend to be more current, topical, and informational. Pieces for the quarterly newsletter typically run 750–2,500 words and tend to give a deeper treatment.

Both styles of pieces are welcome. Writers who may not be sure if their idea is “journal ready” are encouraged to begin with a shorter web piece and explore with the editors if they see value in expanding it to a longer piece later. If you would like to contribute a piece, please contact Brian Gottfredson, Jeremy Brown, Anne McClellan, Sam Silver, and Mitch Rotbert.

David Moore
Blanca Young
Dan Quick

Chairs, Trial Practice Commmittee


Our active subcommittees include:

  • Diversity and Young Lawyers
  • Membership Growth and Retention
  • Social Media
  • National CLE Programs
  • Regional CLE Programs
  • Sound Advice Programs
  • Roundtable Programs
  • Webinar Programs
  • Journal Editorial Board
  • Book Publication
  • Website Editors

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