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About the Committee

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We promote fairness and justice in the American legal system by enhancing the lives and careers of trial lawyers. Our members aspire to the highest professional levels, and join us for access to the innovative, entertaining, and thought-provoking programming we provide across the country, as well as for our award-winning newsletter and website. We are a sociable group, hosting committee breakfasts, lunches, and dinners throughout the year. In addition to fostering collegiality and ethics within the trial bar, the Trial Practice Committee is devoted to bringing more diversity into the community of trial lawyers and to solving the work/life balance issues that litigators face.

Message from the Chairs

The 2020–2021 bar year is in full swing. We recently updated our Annual Plan, and our members have pitched in once again with commitments to provide high quality, member-oriented, and practical webinars, Sound Advice segments and Roundtables over the coming year. Others continue to work on the valuable quarterly Newsletter and webpage content, with great articles and tips for trial practitioners.

The Section of Litigation theme this year is RESPECT: respect for the rule of law, for the judiciary, and for each other. Our annual plan is built around this theme, and our programs and content for the coming year will focus on these important values. We welcome your participation in the Committee this year. Here are some of the ways you can get involved.

Webpage and Newsletter

As always, our Editorial Board is seeking content to publish on the webpage and in the quarterly Newsletter. Pieces for the webpage are typically 100–750 words and focus on current or “hot topics. Newsletter articles are 750–2,500 words and “go deep” compared to shorter webpage articles. If you would like to contribute to the Newsletter, please contact our Newsletter editors Bryan Gottfredson, Anne McClellan, Mitchell Rotbert or  Sam Silver. If you have an article you would like to contribute for the webpage, please contact Sam Silver.

Committee Roundtables

Committee Roundtables are free, non-CLE programs produced and directed by the Committee. In the age of Zoom, Roundtables are now able to be presented with speaker video and slides. Audio‐only continues to be an option. Because they can be put together on very short notice, they offer a good forum to address topical issues. If you have an idea you would like to focus on in a Committee Roundtable, please contact us.

Social Events

Despite the “in-person” contact challenges of 2020, we are trying to keep the Committee connected. We will be hosting a “Virtual Cocktail Hour” in late October (co-hosted by the Trial Evidence Committee) and another one in February, focused on Young Lawyers. Pour yourself a cocktail and sign-on to join. (Zoom link to be provided by email.) And make sure to invite a fellow Section and Committee member to join as well. Hopefully, we will all be able to participate in person at the Section Annual Conference in Houston in May 2021. If so, we will be hosting a Committee Dinner during that meeting.

We look forward to connecting with you during the coming year, and thanks for all you do to make the Section of Litigation great.


Blanca Young
John Austin
John Hutchins

Chairs, Trial Practice Commmittee


Our active subcommittees include:

  • Diversity and Young Lawyers
  • Membership Growth and Retention
  • Social Media
  • National CLE Programs
  • Regional CLE Programs
  • Sound Advice Programs
  • Roundtable Programs
  • Webinar Programs
  • Journal Editorial Board
  • Book Publication
  • Website Editors

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