Musings on the Unpredictable Practice of Jury Selection

By Samuel W. Silver – October 30, 2018 | Or, "Ought there be a law?"

What a Trial Looks Like from a Juror's Point of View

By John Branson – October 30, 2018 | Viewing it from the inside, a seasoned litigator sees the genius in the jury system.

Practice Points

Buyer Validly Terminated Merger Agreement in Unprecedented MAE Finding

By Matthew Davis & Jacob Kirkham – November 30, 2018 | Delaware Court of Chancery decision is likely to have far-reaching impacts on mergers and commercial contracts.

Finish with a Punch: Tips for Writing Effective Conclusions

By Brian J. Williams – October 31, 2018 | Learn how to craft the perfect ending.


The Importance of a Diverse Trial Team

Trial lawyers discuss the growing body of evidence demonstrating that diversity creates success—and why practitioners should diversify their trial teams and jury for better trial performance.

Three-Day Rule Eliminated for Electronic Service

Make sure to correctly calendar your response deadlines under the most recent edits to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. You no longer get three extra days for electronic service. (3 minutes, 53 seconds)

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