An Advocate’s Charge: Important Tips for Tailoring Jury Instructions to Your Case

By Lee C. Schmeer – November 4, 2019 | How best to work with a model instruction that works against your client, when you know the judge is likely to require use of the model instruction?

Judge or Jury: A Tale of Two Trials

By Scott F. Frerichs – November 4, 2019 | Learn why and how you may need to change your strategy when you elect to try your case to the bench.

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Excusing Jurors During Deliberations: Determining “Good Cause”

By Tracey E. Timlin – September 6, 2019 | A juror’s unwillingness or inability to deliberate fairly and impartially and to follow court instructions can wreak havoc on a trial at the last minute.

Fourth Circuit Chops, Slices, and Dices Attorney Fees

By John Austin – July 31, 2019 | While many may “win” an award, the wise attorney shall first determine if the amount of the work justifies what could be a meager award.

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Examining a Witness' Non-Verbal Communication

By Chris A. Meyers – March 28, 2019 | In this segment, you will learn how to prepare your witness to produce strong nonverbal cues, positive body language, and to thrive under cross-examination.

Cross-Examining the Economic Damages Expert

By Christopher Ruhland and Nathan McClellan – March 28, 2019 | In this podcast, Christopher Ruhland and Nathan McClellan discuss two strategies for cross-examining an economic damages expert at trial.

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