An Advocate’s Charge: Important Tips for Tailoring Jury Instructions to Your Case

By Lee C. Schmeer – November 4, 2019 | How best to work with a model instruction that works against your client, when you know the judge is likely to require use of the model instruction?

Judge or Jury: A Tale of Two Trials

By Scott F. Frerichs – November 4, 2019 | Learn why and how you may need to change your strategy when you elect to try your case to the bench.

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Top Five Free Legal News Websites for the Legal News Junkie

By John Austin – October 31, 2019 When the ABA and the Section of Litigation aren't enough, turn to our favorite spots for legal news.

Barter Internet Sites May Be Hiding Assets Subject to Judgments

By John Austin – October 31, 2019 | When that writ of execution comes back without satisfaction, you may want to inquire whether an ongoing business is transacting business somewhere on the internet where actual currency is not involved.

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Tried and True Tips for Trying Timed Trials

By Blanca Young – December 20, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Blanca Young offers practical tips for trying cases in which the judge had imposed time limits for trial.

Examining a Witness' Non-Verbal Communication

By Chris A. Meyers – March 28, 2019 | In this segment, you will learn how to prepare your witness to produce strong nonverbal cues, positive body language, and to thrive under cross-examination.

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