September 29, 2020 Articles

Increasing Jurors’ Retention Through Research-Based Presentation Techniques

Controlling informative change, salience and the use of signaling, coherence, and perceptual and spatial organization.

By Chad M. Paulin

The year 2019 marked the first time that the average U.S. adult spent more hours consuming information from mobile devices than from watching television. Mobile devices, social networks, and streaming media platforms inundate jurors with real-time headline alerts, twitter feed updates, and social media posts. The latest studies show that the increasing competition in the immediacy and abundance of information consumption has led to overall decreases in collective attention span. These changing modalities in information consumption have created a critical need for well-designed digital presentations that employ research-based techniques for increasing knowledge retention. The following four basic principles identify methods used to develop presentations catered to juries’ evolving learning styles.

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