November 17, 2020 Articles

Effective Use of Jury Consultants

Early and effective engagement of a jury consultant, well before trial, can greatly improve your ability to present a compelling narrative at trial.

By David C. Kent and Gary R. Giewat

“Why do I need a jury consultant?” The question is often asked by clients and attorneys alike. The client wonders why the lawyer, who presumably is already skilled in trying cases, needs the assistance (and expense) of a non-lawyer. Many lawyers resist using a jury consultant for much the same reason.

But it is all a matter of perspective. Attorneys are experts on the law. They know their case, their client, the law, and the procedure. Jury consultants, on the other hand, are experts in human behavior and communication. They bring to the trial team expertise in human behavior and assist in developing trial strategies and providing attorneys with a better understanding of what themes and issues jurors are likely to focus on. Their expertise provides a different perspective.

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