Recent Practice Points

Internal Audits May Not Be Precluded from Trial as a Subsequent Remedial Measure

By Kenneth Klemm – April 23, 2020 | An appellate court ruling highlights the risks of internal audits and investigations being used by opposing parties in litigation.

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Older by the Day: “Ancient Documents” in the Internet Age

By David C. Kent – April 23, 2020 | A December 2017 change to the rules of evidence add the qualification that a document whose authenticity has been “established” must have been “prepared before January 1, 1998” to be considered “ancient.”

Recent Articles

From Snaps to Tweets: The Craft of Social Media Discovery

By Matthew J. Hamilton, Donna L. Fisher, Jessica K. Southwick – October 5, 2018 | Courts have consistently held that social media accounts are subject to established discovery principles but are reluctant to allow parties to rummage through private social media accounts.

Getting the Snaps and Tweets into Evidence

By Matthew J. Hamilton, Donna L. Fisher, Jessica K. Southwick, Pepper Hamilton – October 7, 2018 | A rundownof the best practices that will help ensure that crucial evidence is not excluded.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Five Tips for Drafting Effective Requests for Admission

Camalla Guyton - February 9, 2020 | In this Sound Advice from Camalla Guyton, learn how drafting effective requests for admission can be helpful at trial.

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How to Present Complex Accounting Claims to a Judge and Jury

By Todd Menenberg - February 4, 2020 | In this Sound Advice, Todd Menenberg discusses presenting complex accounting claims when opining on damages. He first discusses the types of litigation where these accounting issues arise and offers some tips on how to effectively present them.

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