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Expert May Rely on OSHA Standards and Industry Guidelines to Support Opinion

By Mike Lied – December 17, 2020 | What started off as a garden-variety personal injury case but ended up before the Illinois Supreme Court on issues related to expert witnesses.

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Best Practices for Remote Hearings

By Alejandra Loaiza-Delgado and Abigail Busse – June 9, 2020 | A summary of resources and best practices to aid practitioners facing the new reality of operating remotely.

Preparing Your Witness to Testify at a Virtual Trial

By Ian M. Dumain – June 9, 2020 | Preparing a witness to testify over a remote platform requires that attorneys bring to bear even more of the same skills and resources that are required for effective witness preparation in a live setting.

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More Effective Presentation of Expert Evidence in Construction Disputes

Daniel Franklin discusses the complexities of presenting expert evidence in construction disputes and offers some considerations on how address these complexities and more effectively present expert evidence.

Five Tips for Drafting Effective Requests for Admission

Camalla Guyton - February 9, 2020 | In this Sound Advice from Camalla Guyton, learn how drafting effective requests for admission can be helpful at trial.

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