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Sound Advice

Dep Prep 101
By Emily Kirk – February 25, 2020
If you are new to deposition preparation, follow these simple guidelines provided by Emily Kirk to ensure the process goes smoothly. (20:03 min)

Be Thankful for Business Development Because It Doesn't Have to be a Spooky Event
By Emily Kirk – November 4, 2019
Business development is often one of the scariest tasks lawyers face. But with these tips from Emily Kirk turn this frightening task into one for which you will be thankful. (8:01 min)

Mentoring 101
By Eleni vanRoden – April 5, 2019
Looking back to Kelsey Heino's informative talk on mentoring, this Sound Advice discusses different types of mentoring with ideas for expanding your perceptions of a mentorship. (12:26 min)

Benefits of Pro Bono Work for Solo and Small Firm Attorneys
By Emily J. Kirk – November 1, 2018
Our legal system is filled with far too many people who simply cannot afford a lawyer’s billable rates, yet, they need the advocacy, advice and expertise that we can provide. And without the help of solo and small firm attorneys (who make up the majority of attorneys in our country), this critical need in our justice system will continue to go unmet. That’s why we need all attorneys – including those in who may be on their own or in smaller firms – to consider taking on a pro bono client in the coming year. (6:32 min.)

Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege When Communicating With Clients Adverse to Their Employers
By Cindy Albracht-Crogan – April 4, 2018
Cindy Albracht-Crogan of Cohen Dowd Quigley offers tips on this critical area of client representation.

By Jackie Condella
Tips for meeting the "reasonable" efforts and "reasonable" safeguards requirements in cybersecurity for law firms. (4:54 min.)

How to Survive the Holiday Season with Your Health (and Sanity) Intact
By Emily Kirk
Enjoy the holidays without suffering.

Tips to Improve Employee Reviews
By Emily Kirk
Employee reviews are an invaluable tool for law firms - if done well. Use these tips to improve the process. (6:09 min.)

6 Tips on Becoming a Superstar Associate
By Cindy Albracht-Crogan
Learn how to become a superstar, make a good first impression and become the go-to Associate on your team with these six tips from Cindy. (4:50 min.)

Preparing a First-Time Witness for Deposition Logistics
By Cindy Albracht-Crogan
Cindy Albracht-Crogan gives pointers on the best ways to prepare your client so they can do their best during the deposition. (6:32 min.)

The Benefits of Pro Bono Legal Representation
By Emily Kirk
Listen as Emily Kirk discusses how, despite not having "extra" time, working on Pro Bono work not only helps you become a better lawyer but it also helps build your career. (8:15 min.)

Useful Tips to Start the E-Discovery Process with Opposing Counsel
Because there are many forms of E-Discovery Thompson Coburn Litigator Emily Kirk explains how working with opposing counsel at the onset of a case is the best way for all involved to make your case go as smoothly as possible.

Trial Advocacy
By Carmen Caruso
Is courtroom success a science or an art? Carmen Caruso identifies points every trial lawyer should keep in mind, before and during a trial, that should help develop both areas of trial work. (12:56 min.)

Work-Life Balance
Litigator and mother of two Cindy Albracht-Crogan gives tips on how balance in your life can help you to become better both as a lawyer and as a parent.

Class Actions Cases for Non-Class Action Lawyers
By Carmen Caruso
Carmen Caruso gives suggestions to attorneys who are unfamiliar with class action cases on best ways to proceed to help their clients. (6:59 min.)

Cloud Computing for the Solo and Small Firm Practitioner
Listen as small-firm partner Damian Thomas shares the pros and cons—and other lessons—from his firm’s recent transition to cloud computing. (14:57 min.)

Leaving a Large Firm? Avoid Burning Bridges
If you are contemplating venturing out on your own, listen to Paul Lehner as he shares the strategy behind his successful transition from working at a large firm to launching his own business. (7:55 min.)

10 Lessons from the 50 Yard Line
Trying to balance work and home is a challenge for all professionals.  Hear Shayna Steinfeld’s “Ten Lessons from the 50 Yard Line” for suggestions on how to improve your life at home thus leading to a better life in the office. (14:57 min.)


Hot Topics in Social Media Discovery for Litigators
This Roundtable, featuring Magistrate Judge Dana Douglas, ESI and legal technology expert Tom O'Connor, labor and employment litigator Amy Stewart and commercial litigator Ashley Heilprin will discuss hot topics in social media discovery. The discussion will include an overview of the types of “new” social media/electronic data available that may be relevant to particular cases; data collection tips, including crafting and responding to discovery requests; advising clients regarding preservation, discovery, and social media posts in litigation; and planning ahead for how to "get the dirt in." (50:38 min)

What You Really Need to Know When You’re Going Small
Whether you don’t think Big Law is for you and choose to go to a small firm or you are choosing to take the plunge and hang up your own shingle is a big and scary step. Not only are you learning about the practice of law, but you are more involved with the business of law. If you are a young lawyer trying to learn more about life in Small Law, this is the Roundtable for you.

During this one-hour program, our Roundtable panelists discuss an array of pertinent issues, including: things to consider when deciding to join a small firm or hang a shingle, the triumphs and challenges of the first few years, bridging the generational gap when joining a small firm, gadgets and apps that make life easier, business development and bar participation, and work-life balance. (62:44 min.)


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