January 25, 2017 article

Eight Networking Tips for Young Lawyers

By Kristine A. Bergman

Let me start off with the obvious: Networking is important. And you should start now. Maybe now your employer is great, or you’re junior enough that you’re not yet expected to bring in business. But five years down the road, when you’re up for partnership or considering switching jobs, you will not want to find yourself without a professional network. Thus, it is imperative that you start developing one now.

So as a young attorney, how do you do that? With a phrase you probably heard over and over again in law school: “Do what works for you.” Experiment with networking methods, build your confidence, and find out what form of networking best suits your style and personality.

What I can offer you, at the very least, is a checklist of things to try to do and keep in mind as you develop your networking skills and build your professional network.

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