February 17, 2015 article

How Lawyers Can Stand Out (for Now) Without Using Social Media

By Mitch Jackson

The Internet, social media, and wearable technology have forever changed the practice of law. Savvy lawyers using wearable tech (think something like Google Glass) can or will soon be able to instantly access databases activated by facial recognition during voir dire. They'll use similar wearable real-time tech and video to communicate with consultants on the other side of the world during depositions and cross-examination. Confidential feedback will be displayed on private floating flat screens at eye level and through audio shared in bone conductive headphones.

Marketing and building relationships with people on social media is now limited only by your imagination. No longer do large law firms with big budgets have the advantage. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, you're now a media company sharing helpful content with the consumer in the form of blog, video, podcast, and other social media posts.

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