February 07, 2013 Articles

The Modern-Day Mobile Lawyer's Manifesto

By Michael J.P. Schewe

So, you've decided your practice wants to reduce its paper and "live the dream" of working from anywhere. These are perfectly realistic, albeit imperfect goals (yes, many attorneys and judges still insist on printing, stamping and mailing emails, I know). This article is meant to provide a basic overview of the way I converted my law practice into a paperless efficiency machine.

Practice-Management Software
Our analysis begins and ends with practice-management software. In the days of yore, attorneys debated about the necessity and overall effect of having practice-management software, especially amongst small firms and solo practitioners. Those days are gone. There is no question that, in today's legal reality, practice-management software is a must for all firms, great or small. And, importantly, practice-management software is no longer the untenable financial burden it was 20 years ago.

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