December 12, 2013 Articles

The Modern-Day Mobile Lawyer's Manifesto, Part Two

By Michael J.P. Schewe

This is the second part of a series dealing with the ever-changing way that we practice law. The first part of this series—published in the Winter 2013 issue of the Solo & Small Firm newsletter—covered the idea of a paperless law office. In this second article, the topic is the ever-increasing mobility of lawyers. These topics are interrelated in that, assuming you have already made the jump to a paperless law office (think: no more need to carry around those pesky, 50-pound Redwells), you may be tempted to practice law outside the office.

I practice what I preach. When I wrote this article, I was enjoying some lovely jazz at the Newark Museum's backyard garden. And why not? Work is work—whether you do it cooped up in a windowless office, fighting paper cuts and momentary lapses of sanity, or you type out a brief in a bathing suit in between cannonballs, it still has to get done. Personally, I work better when I am in good spirits.

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