December 12, 2013 Articles

Legal Business Development for a Changing Profession

By Paula Black

Innovation—lawyers seldom operate on the cutting edge and certainly not the bleeding edge! That's a given. It's likely in your risk-averse DNA. But how long will you stay in what once was a perfect business model that it is now past its prime? That is the question.

Seth Godin, a best-selling author and public speaker, points to the music industry:

The music business was perfect. Radio, record chains, Rolling Stone magazine, the senior prom, limited access to recording studios, the replaceable nature of the LP, the baby boomers . . . it all added up to a business that seemed perfect, one that could run for ever and ever.

The digital revolution destroyed this perfect business while enabling the seemingly impossible: easy access to the market by new musicians, a cosmic jukebox of just about every song ever recorded, music as a social connector. . . .

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