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Ditch the Handbook? Personal Interaction over Policies

By Stephanie Richards – August 27, 2019 | Instead of a policy that may do nothing, interact directly with your team and make sure they understand the importance of their actions


How to Beat BigLaw

By Wendy Merrill – October 17, 2019 | Leaving a larger firm and starting a solo or small practice can be challenging, but here are a few things to keep in mind and help you stand out among the bigger crowd.

One Lawyer’s Struggle with Anxiety and Depression

By Michael S. McKnight – October 17, 2019 | Regardless of your firm size or area of practice, mental health affects many in the legal field and can unfortunately take dominance over one’s life.

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Sound Advice

Mentoring 101

By Eleni vanRoden – April 5, 2019 | Looking back to Kelsey Heino's informative talk on mentoring, this Sound Advice discusses different types of mentoring with ideas for expanding your perceptions of a mentorship. (12:26 min)

Benefits of Pro Bono Work for Solo and Small Firm Attorneys

By Emily J. Kirk – November 1, 2018 | Our legal system is filled with far too many people who simply cannot afford a lawyer’s billable rates, yet, they need the advocacy, advice and expertise that we can provide. And without the help of solo and small firm attorneys (who make up the majority of attorneys in our country), this critical need in our justice system will continue to go unmet. That’s why we need all attorneys – including those in who may be on their own or in smaller firms – to consider taking on a pro bono client in the coming year. (06:32 min)

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