February 10, 2016 Article

Tips for Real Estate Expert Selection and Strategy

An expert's suggestions on selecting the best real estate valuation expert for your case

by Del H. Kendall

Attorneys hire experts in the field of real estate valuation based on their expertise in the field. However, as any attorney knows, the dynamics of litigation involve many more factors in determining the best expert for their case. The process of expert selection includes consideration of both the expert’s individual capabilities and external concerns relating to the nature of the judge or jury, the public profile of the case, and the abilities of other competing experts.

This article provides attorneys with suggestions on how to select the best real estate valuation expert for your case, from an expert’s perspective. The chronology of the selection process includes the following steps:

  1. locating and vetting the pool of expert candidates,
  2. examining the expert’s credentials and skill set, and
  3. evaluating trial strategy for the expert.
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