January 27, 2015 Article

The Best Smartphone Apps for Young Real Estate Attorneys

Make your life and job easier with these handy downloads

by Lisa Liebher

As an attorney, particularly a young attorney, any day is a good day when someone offers to make your life easier. That is why today is an excellent day: here are ten tips and apps that will make you more efficient and trim time from your daily tasks.  This list is designed for young real estate attorneys, but is applicable to attorneys in other practice areas as well.

1. Read your voicemail instead of listening to it.

To save you from having to take time to listen to your voicemail, the Google Voice app (free) will send you a notification of your voicemail via email or text message along with a rough transcription of the voice message. The transcription is sometimes comically inaccurate, but you are nearly always able to get the general gist of the voicemail message.

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