Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable Discussion

COVID-19: Force Majeure, Impossibility and Frustration of Purpose

As novel coronavirus has become a global pandemic, it has caused a ripple effect to businesses worldwide. This Roundtable, hosted by lawyers who confront these issues regularly, explores the contractual issues, in both real estate and generally, and whether parties can invoke force majeure clauses, impossibility, and frustration of purpose.

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Is the Coronavirus a Force Majeure that Excuses Performance of a Contract?

By David J. Marmins – March 18, 2020 | The COVID-19 crisis brings up many questions, but with vigilant adherence to their contracts and applicable law, parties can navigate these troubled waters successfully.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Historic Preservation Expert as Early as Possible

By Grace Hearn – March 2, 2020 | As all good attorneys know, the answer to many legal questions begins with “it depends.” Historic preservation is no different.

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Practice Points

In a Wyoming Trust Case, State Supreme Court Says No Special Treatment for Kids

By Brooks L. Robinson – January 29, 2020 | In terrorem clause upheld, eliminating minor beneficiary’s interest after parent challenges trust.

New Order May Increase Interest in Renewable Energy Projects in Arizona

By Michelle De Blasi – January 29, 2020 | The order is also consistent with policies adopted in other states, including Wyoming, Utah, and Oregon.

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When the Floods and Fires Come: Landowner's Property Damage Claims

In the wake of the Superstorm Sandy, the 2017 hurricanes, and the California wildfires, landowners damaged by the disasters are faced with a confusing array of potential recovery options. This program is designed to assist small and general practice attorneys whose clients are harmed by these disasters. (1 hour, 5 min.)

Up in Smoke? Cannabis Law Roundtable

This discussion explores the collision of the cannabis industry and the real estate industry, including leasing, zoning, financing, personal injury and property liability, insurance (business/title insurance etc.) issues and other legal issues, along with other considerations for practitioners who may be thinking about becoming "cannabis counsel."

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