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Products Liability Litigation

Programs & Materials

2023 Environmental & Energy, Mass Torts, And Products Liability Litigation Committees’ Joint Regional CLE Program

Litigation in the Snapchat Age

Legal Ethics in a Hybrid Work Environment

The Re-Emergence and Evolution of Public Nuisance Mass Torts

Precedents, Dissents, Concurrences: OH MY! The Impacts of a More Conservative U.S. Supreme Court

Other Similar Incidents—Discovery and Admissibility in Products Liability Cases

Green Amendments

EU Collective Redress Directive

Plastics and Recyclability Claims

The Rise of ESG in Litigation—Impacts and Implications for Environmental Litigation, Products Liability, and Mass Torts

The Sleeping Giant Awakes: How Trustees and the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) are Transforming NRD Claims

2018 Joint Environmental, Mass Torts & Products Liability Litigation Written Materials

Ethics Plenary: Ethical and Strategic Implications in Cases Involving Third Party Litigation Financing

In-House Counsel Plenary: Reality Check: Goals for Regulatory Streamlining During the Current Administration

Plenary: Use of Court Appointed Experts and Technical Advisors in Complex Litigation

Environmental and Energy Breakout: Will Chevron Deference Survive? An Examination of the Viability of Chevron Deference

Products Liability Breakout: A Tangled Web: The Internet of Things and Cybersecurity Issues for Products Liability Lawyers

Plenary: Milk Run: Shredding the First Day of Trial (Hosted by the Young Lawyers Committee)

Plenary: Brave New World: Perspectives on the Regulatory and Legal Landscape One Year into Trump’s Administration

Plenary: Minimizing the Impact of “Bad” Company Documents

Environmental and Energy Breakout: Nailing Jell-O to a Tree: Challenges Associated with Evolving Science and Regulatory Requirements

Mass Torts Breakout: The End of Mass Torts as We Know Them—or Not—How Recent Developments Have Impacted Current Mass Tort Practice