August 04, 2020 Article

The Importance of NFPA 921 in Fire Litigation

NFPA 921 is an essential tool in the pursuit and defense of fire investigation litigation. Learning how to properly use and interpret it can be the difference in winning or losing a case.

By Jennifer L. Rediehs

NFPA 921 is the National Fire Protection Association’s Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, and it can be the difference between winning and losing a case. If you anticipate handling fire cases in your career, you must be familiar with NFPA 921. If you will be handling many fire cases, you should know it well enough that you can easily find the section you are looking for when under pressure.

I went to my first fire scene within the first month of being employed as an attorney. My boss handed me a copy of NFPA 921 and told me to read it. NFPA 921 is not just a guide for fire professionals. It is a road map for an attorney, from the initial investigation of a fire through discovery and trial.

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