February 28, 2019 Article

Creatively Capturing New Business as a Solo or Small Firm Litigator

Learn how to use your small size to creatively and effectively compete for new clients.

By Meghan A. Rigney

Success in the legal field is not determined by the size of your firm or your Big Law paycheck, but rather by having a strong and growing client base. Today, more and more clients are looking to streamline their legal spending for identical results and a little more client attention, regardless of the size of the firm. This is where the solo and small firm litigators are poised to compete with the large law firms in attracting new clients. However, it is not without its challenges. In 2017 Thomson Reuters conducted its State of U.S. Small Law Firms study, which surveyed over 300 participant attorneys practicing in firms ranging in size from 1–29 attorneys. Approximately 75 percent of the survey participants stated that the greatest challenge facing small firms is acquiring new business. Shockingly, 71 percent of those same participants admitted to failing to address this hurdle. Below are some strategies and practices to overcome these challenges and become competitive in the client marketplace. By implementing these incremental changes, the solo and small firm litigators can widen their client base and achieve great success over time. 

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