Recent Practice Points

Failure to Warn Preemption Arguments Gaining Momentum

By Lauren Treadaway – August 22, 2018 | Branded pharmaceutical drug warning labels may be changed based on “newly acquired information” without first obtaining FDA approval.

Abusive Briefing: Motions, Responses, and Replies—Oh, My!

By Kevin Underhill – August 22, 2018 | The first sign of approaching disaster was a motion asking for leave to exceed the page limit.


Counting Steps: Key Considerations for Wearable Device Manufacturers

By Jean Patterson and Elizabeth Monahan – August 22, 2018 | The rising popularity of wearable technology poses a challenge for existing legal and regulatory frameworks.

Safe at Home? Preservice Removal and the Forum Defendant Rule

By Lindsay C. Omolecki – August 22, 2018 | The federal removal statute contains an apparent loophole that can be used to remove a case to federal court before the forum defendant is served.

Sound Advice Podcasts

Embracing and Excelling in Supporting Roles as a Young Attorney

Dan Ahasay provides strategies for maximizing your effectiveness behind the scenes as a supporting attorney at trial and appellate argument. (13:27 min.)

Seeing Beyond the Statute of Limitations: A New Attorney’s Brief Guide to Assessing the Timeliness of a Products Action

While new litigators are quick to assess statutes of limitations, there are other important considerations in assessing whether a products action is barred. This Sound Advice briefly walks through those considerations. (8:44 min.)

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