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“Steps” for Discovery: Subpoenaing Wearable Technology Data

By Meghan A. Rigney – May 14, 2019 | Some direction on how to track down data from two of most popular wearable health monitors on the market today.


Defense Strategies for Winning on the Statute of Limitations

By Whitney Frazier Watt and Robin E. McGuffin – August 13, 2019 | The statute of limitations can be a powerful tool.

Personal Jurisdiction over Unnamed Class Members

By Joan R. Camagong – August 13, 2019 | This year, the Fifth, Seventh, and D.C. Circuits are set to determine whether Bristol-Myers Squibb applies to class actions.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Best Practices for Using an Origin and Cause Expert

In this Sound Advice, Chelsea Smith gives a summary of the best practices for the use of experts in determining the origin and cause of a fire or explosion. (8:27 min)

Products Liability Litigation

Learn how to get involved with the Products Liability Litigation Committee and maximize your Section membership!