Reinventing Witness Preparation
Seasoned litigator Kenneth Berman explains the dangers of conventional witness preparation, showing how the common approach to preparing witnesses can foul up a case and hand victory to the other side. This book introduces a new and enlightened approach to witness preparation: that witnesses need to give answers that actually help their cases, and the best time to give the best answer is when the question is first asked.


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As "smart" products have entered the marketplace, smart products liability lawsuits have not been far behind.

Despite the shocking incidence of recalls per year, they are typically ineffective.

Under Water Splash, the validity of an attempted service of process by mail remains an issue necessitating further analysis.

Whether a U.S. company has a physical presence in the European Union is not determinative of the regulation's impact.

Only time will tell if employees will find ways to evade the Epic Systems decision through collective bargaining.

Lawyers need to be reminded that manners always matter.

Streamlining medical-record retrieval has significant advantages and requires an investment of resources, time, and expertise.

The decision in Cyanwill certainly lead to the increase of class-action securities litigation in state court.


On the Balance Beam of Life with Depression and Anxiety

By Anonymous
One attorney shares the struggles with mental illness and the benefits from therapy and self-care.

While new litigators are quick to assess statutes of limitations, there are other important considerations in assessing whether a products action is barred. This Sound Advice briefly walks through those considerations. (8:44 min.)

Collette Alison Brown discusses issues related to preserving privilege when communicating with related corporate entities. (8:56 min.)

Practical suggestions to help you enjoy the practice of law more as you learn to manage your time instead of your time managing you. (13:53 min.)

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