April 10, 2012

Collecting and Analyzing iPads: What You Need to Know

Cuyler Robinson – April 10, 2012

A corporate chief operating officer (COO) is on an evening flight, coming home after a long day of board meetings. She decides to get some work done. Instead of firing up a laptop, she slides out an iPad. For the next hour, bathed in a soft LED glow, she taps away, drafting memos and sending email.

Two days later, an attorney is dispatched to interview the COO. A legal hold notice is about to be issued. The attorney receives instructions to work with a forensic expert to obtain a copy of the data on the COO’s electronic devices. The attorney’s instructions state: “collect and preserve data on any device used to draft or transmit documents to prevent a claim for spoliation.”

During the interview, the attorney learns that the COO has a laptop, which is no big deal, but the iPad can turn a routine custodian interview into a challenging assignment.

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