Privacy & Data Security

About the Committee


The Privacy and Data Security Committee is one of the nearly 40 practice groups open to all members of the American Bar Association's Section of Litigation. Joining the committee entitles a member to a number of benefits (see list below). The committee's leadership of experienced litigators is dedicated to helping litigators benefit from technology in both their practices and their every day lives.

To accomplish this goal, the committee provides its members with these benefits:

  • Email and webpage updates on new technologies, including what is available and how it can be used cost-effectively and legal issues affecting, or affected by, technology ranging from electronic discovery to evidentiary issues to courtroom techniques
  • networking opportunities with leading practitioners
  • Whether you want to receive email updates, to learn from and network with top litigators, or to contribute to our programs and content production, or all of the above, join us.  

To join, you must first be a member of the ABA and also a member of the ABA Section of Litigation.

Message from the Chairs

Dear Committee Members,

On behalf of the Privacy and Data Security committee, I would like to welcome you to our webpage.

We are focusing our efforts on keeping ABA members and others posted on the latest happenings on the electronic front in litigation. We invite you to contact us and follow us if you are not already doing so. We are also focusing on keeping our website up to date with the latest in resources, as well as technology- and ESI-related decisions around the country.

We continue to publish high-quality content throughout the year, for which our committee has become well known and recognized in the ABA. Our newsletter is only part of the member benefits we are pushing out monthly to members, in addition to podcasts and webinars. Please check our webpage and the ABA's website for valuable resources that will be available to you at no or little cost.

These are just a few highlights. We want to encourage you to become an active member. Please reach out to either of us if you would like to increase your level of involvement, or if you have any great ideas about member benefits we could offer.

Thanks again for visiting our webpage.

A. Sandy Bilus and Danielle Panetta
Chairs, Privacy & Data Security committee