The Legal Landscape for Geolocation Data: Where Are We Going?

By Hanley Chew – December 6, 2017 | The law may be evolving through the courts to recognizing the invasive nature of geolocation data and extending greater privacy protection to this data.

What Companies Need to Know about Current and Proposed Drone Laws

By Amanda Fitzsimmons and Monica D. Scott – May 23, 2016 | As the devices become more prevalent, they often (literally) collide with a world not quite ready for their arrival.

Practice Points

The Third-Party Doctrine in the Wake of a “Seismic Shift”

By Steven Arango – June 13, 2019 | The need for data privacy legislation to keep pace with technology.

Ohio Law Creating Affirmative Defense in Data Breach Litigation Takes Effect

By Sean Fernandes – November 5, 2018 | While it is unclear whether the safe harbor is sufficiently effective to incentivize voluntary compliance, this statute does indicate a new approach to data security regulation that practitioners should monitor.

Sound Advice

Leveraging the Incident Response Guide to Prepare for the CCPA

By Jack Clabby, Joe Swanson and Steve Blickensderfer - October 22, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Jack Clabby, Joe Swanson and Steve Blickensderfer give practical advice on the attorneys’ role in a data security incident response guide, which is a key document in preparing for California’s new data privacy law, the CCPA.

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