Zero Dark Data: Hacktivism, Cybersecurity, and Social Change

By Robert Sweet – January 19, 2021 | Hacktivists operate communication technologies to improve democracy by translating civil disobedience into cyberspace. However, the current regulatory regime seeks to repress, rather than permit, exposing injustice. It must be reformed to allow civic engagement to flourish.

Mobile Messaging Apps at the Workplace: Risks and Mitigation Strategies

By Melissa E. Parisi – January 5, 2021 | Companies should ensure its acceptable use policies and procedures take into account new and emerging types of communication platforms and implement ground rules for all employees.

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Practice Points

Lawyers Beware: How Data Privacy Protections Differ from Privilege and Confidentiality

By Joanna L. Storey – December 21, 2020 | Navigating current privacy laws is like wandering through a labyrinth. Where should a lawyer start?

Sound Advice

Leveraging the Incident Response Guide to Prepare for the CCPA

By Jack Clabby, Joe Swanson and Steve Blickensderfer - October 22, 2019 | In this Sound Advice, Jack Clabby, Joe Swanson and Steve Blickensderfer give practical advice on the attorneys’ role in a data security incident response guide, which is a key document in preparing for California’s new data privacy law, the CCPA.

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