Pretrial Practice & Discovery

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2013 ABA Annual Meeting, August 8–12, 2013 (San Francisco, CA)

2012 ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference, April 18–20, 2012 (Washington, D.C.)

2011 ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference, April 13–15, 2011 (Miami, FL)

  • » The Risky Business of Failing to Implement Effective Data Management Systems
  • » Guidelines for Non-Party E-Discovery Under Rule 45
  • » A Survey of E-Discovery Case Law in 2010

2010 ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference, April 21–23, 2010 (New York, NY)

  • » Navigating Through a Sea of Documents: How Model Rule of Professional Conduct 4.4(B), Federal Rule of Evidence 502 and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(B)(5) Will Impact the Way We Litigate and Try Cases
  • » Hot Issues in Discovery: 2009 in Review
  • » Discovery Checklist
  • » Litigation Hold Memo

2009 ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference, April 29–May 1, 2009 (Atlanta, GA)

Getting Electronically Stored Data Admitted into Evidence

  • » Lorraine’s Song: Have the Bench and Bar Been Listening to the Music?

Hey You Can’t Use That! What Happens When the Parties Don’t Agree on Whether the Producing Party Is Entitled to Get an Inadvertently Produced Privileged Document Back?

  • » Guarding the Privilege: Best Practices for Electronic Document Production
  • » So, You Produced a Privileged Document. Now What?
  • » You Have It, But Can You Use It? How to Hold onto an Inadvertently Produced Privileged Document
    Without Burning Your Fingers

I Want It All v. Lean Six Sigma: Strategies to Effectively Utilize Rule 26 Pretrial Procedures, Document Production Protocols and Technology

  • » Six Sigma, the Electronic Discovery Process and the Outside Law Firm
  • » Six Sigma, the Discovery Process and the Corporate Legal Department

2008 ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference, April 16–18, 2008 (Washington, D.C.)

  • » Managing Technology Overload
    Technology has brought attorneys a flood of e-mail, incessant calendar pop-ups, and seemingly infinite amounts of information on the Internet. This program will offer a series of easy, practical tips that make use of your existing software, such as Microsoft’s Outlook, and make use of the Internet to increase productivity, strengthen time management, and tame the information flow.
  • Mediation Advocacy: Advanced Techniques and New Developments
    The multi-party case, the bet-your-company case, and the three-legged case of third-party liability and insurance coverage – all present special challenges to lawyers who represent clients in mediation. This panel of sophisticated practitioners will offer proven ways to meet these challenges and humorous looks at techniques that are guaranteed to flop. 
    • » Courageous Carriers Meaningful Mediators
    • » Purchasing Habits of Sophisticated Mediation Service Consumers
    • » The Concept of Reciprocity in Mediation
    • » The Mediation Process

ABA First Annual Symposium on E-Discovery: April 2007, Chicago

  • » E-Discovery Checklist for Rule 26(f) Meet and Confer 
    This checklist is a “must” for anyone preparing for a pretrial conference. It outlines e-discovery topics for consideration and discussion with clients before the conference and opposing counsel at the conference.

ABA Annual Meeting: 2006 Honolulu

E-Discovery In Practice: Mock Deposition of 30(b)(6) Electronic Document Custodians