June 26, 2018 Articles

Questions to Ask about Forensics Examinations

Clients often come to the table with unreasonable expectations about what a forensics examination involves.

By Tom O'Connor

My work at the Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center involves several activities. One is pro bono speaking and consulting for various bar associations along the Gulf Coast. Another is consulting with law firms and corporations on e-discovery problems that arise in litigation. Those engagements often involve litigation holds and document-exchange protocols, but occasionally I am asked to advise about forensics collections.

I was asked recently if, when representing a corporate client, I had a checklist of questions to ask outside counsel regarding their retention of a potential forensics examiner. I do have a checklist that I use, but I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to ask an actual expert forensics examiner how best to prepare with a client. Many people aren’t aware that Craig Ball is a certified forensics examiner, but he is; and because he lives near me, I asked if he would be agreeable to sitting down and discussing the issue. Ball readily agreed.

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