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The Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee is dedicated to enhancing the substantive knowledge of its members about a wide range of Pretrial Practice & Discovery issues, including legislative proposals, rule changes, and recent court decisions. The committee operates through its subcommittees, each of which focuses on a particular substantive or procedural topic, or which keeps the membership informed about recent developments in the law. The committee also provides members with the opportunity to network with some of the country’s best and brightest litigators.

Message from the Chairs

The Pretrial Practice and Discovery Committee is committed to providing its members practical tips and current and informative content in various areas involving pretrial practice and discovery. We recognize that our members need to keep updated on rule changes, preserving and discovering electronically stored information, objections to discovery, depositions, and motion practice. As such, we continue to add Practice Points, Sound Advice podcasts, newsletters, and other valuable content on our committee’s website.

Additionally, we plan and sponsor various CLE programs at ABA events, roundtables, and webinars that are specific to the area of pretrial practice and discovery. We encourage our members to check our website for these upcoming programs.

We offer many ways that our members can also be involved with the Pretrial Practice and Discovery Committee. Members may offer practical advice and tips to other members by writing a Practice Point, which are short blog-like, 100-750 word practical pieces of advice or tips. Joseph Schaeffer, one of our cochairs of our Newsletter/Website Subcommittee, sends out great ideas for Practice Points and he can assist our members who want to contribute. If you are interested in writing an article for our newsletter, please reach out to Michael Roundy, another cochair of our Newsletter/Website Subcommittee. If you have practical advice and tips but you are not interested in writing, you can submit a Sound Advice podcast, which our cochairs of our Distance Learning Subcommittee can assist with (Ashley Heilprin, Robin Nunn, and Andy Toft).

We welcome our members to participate in our monthly telephone conferences. The dates and times of our monthly calls are set on our website and we send out reminders with the call-in information through ABA Connect.

Ron Hedges
David Moore
Ethan Tidmore

Cochairs, Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee


Our active subcommittees include:

  • Membership and Diversity
  • Newsletter and Website
  • Books
  • Social Media
  • Distance Learning
  • Programming

Find contact information for committee and subcommittee chairs:

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Committee Leadership

Ronald Hedges
David Moore
Ethan Tidmore

Newsletter & Website Subcommittee
Michael Roundy
Joseph V. Schaeffer