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Outside Counsel Statements and the Party Exception to Hearsay

By Syed S. Ahmad, Patrick M. McDermott, and Latosha M. Ellis – February 24, 2020 | Anything you say can (and may) be used against you.

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Early Stages of Criminal Proceeding: Clues about Your USAO Case

By Chris St. Martin – February 24, 2020 | Understanding the government’s process is important to success in a criminal case.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Overcoming Hearsay Objections to Electronic Evidence

Ashley Heilprin provides quick tips for planning ahead to introduce evidence and overcoming objections to hearsay with respect to electronic evidence. (7:39 min.)

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Obtaining or Resisting Injunctive Relief

In litigation, there are very few mechanisms that are as powerful and game-changing as the remedy offered by preliminary injunctive relief. Because preliminarily-granted injunctive relief is an extraordinary remedy, both in terms of its timing and effectiveness, it is absolutely essential to understand the best strategy to pursue in obtaining that relief and, if you represent the party opposing that outcome—recognizing the ways in which you can persuade a judge to deny that remedy when your client is given an opportunity to be heard. In this Sound Advice, Dana Lumsden of the Charlotte office of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP provides advice on obtaining or resisting injunctive relief. (16:21 min.)

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Pretrial Practice & Discovery

Learn how to get involved with the Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee and maximize your Section membership!