Recent Practice Points

Do You Know about the Auto-Delete Feature for Text Messages on a Cell Phone?

By Tracy DiFillippo – May 31, 2019 | Attorneys need to understand new technologies and applications when addressing ESI.

Discovery Fatigue Leads to Involuntary Appointment of Master

By Andrew J. Felser – May 31, 2019 | The court has authority to impose another layer of cost and delay on your client.


Discovering Cryptoassets: A Journey into the Unknown

By Andrew Hinkes – May 24, 2019 | Litigators need to understand how cryptoassets function to conduct successful discovery.

Top Tips for Top-Notch Motions in Limine

Top Tips for Top-Notch Motions in Limine By Anna Manasco – May 24, 2019 | Thanks to motions in limine, trials may be won or lost before they even begin.

Sound Advice Podcasts

Avoiding Waiver of Privilege under FRE 502

Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d) provides for an effective way to claw back documents and avoid waiver of attorney-client privilege. This Sound Advice includes tips on drafting Rule 502(d) orders and avoiding the murky waters of Rule 502(b) considerations on waiver of privilege. (12:00 min.)

Trends in Discovery for International Disputes

International disputes present unique discovery challenges. Neil Bloomfield discusses three current challenges (i) GDPR restrictions on discovery, (ii) U.S.-based discovery in aid of foreign proceedings, and (iii) the preservation of ephemeral communications. (12:41 min.)

Pretrial Practice & Discovery

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