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What you need to know in a quick-to-read format. Find all of the Minority Trial Lawyer Committee’s Practice Points in this archive.


Creating Opportunity Through Alternative Recruiting Channels
By Jamar Haywood and Patricia Rodriguez – March 9, 2021
A few methods to refine your firm’s recruiting methodology and attract more diverse candidates.


Five Things that Make a Great Mentor
By Lindsey Buonomo, Emily Federico, Colleen Lenz, Marshall Harris, Benjamin Woolley, Melissa Morea Evola, and Rachel Woloszynski – December 2, 2020
A few ways to help you be the best possible resource for your mentee.  

How to Quell the Overwhelm: Using Organization and Self-Care to Manage Stress
By Nisha Verma – March 25, 2020
It is worth the investment to find out what strategies meet your unique needs for your health and well-being, as well as your career advancement.

Admission to U.S. Supreme Court Bar
By Sahr A. M. Brima – February 26, 2020
What it means to be admitted to practice before the Court.

What You Need to Know about the CCPA and the European Union’s GDPR
By Navdeep K. Singh – February 26, 2020
Some key takeaways on the similarities and differences between the California Consumer Privacy Act and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Checklist for Representing Incapacitated Persons in Guardianship Proceedings
By Janice V. Arellano – February 12, 2020
A few tips to help you advocate for some the most vulnerable of clients.

Interacting with Clients
By Leonard Wills – January 30, 2020
Two easy ways to help you listen to your clients and help them tell you what you need to know.

A Very Brief Introduction on Cybersecurity Regulations/Standards: Part 1
By Leonard Wills – January 30, 2020
Two standards and regulations that you should learn if you are interested in cybersecurity and privacy.


A Guide on Informational Interviews
By Leonard Wills – October 24, 2019
Informational interviews differ from job interviews, but they can lead to numerous outcomes such as job opportunities, career guidance, mentors, and more.

A Guide on Internships
By Leonard Wills – October 17, 2019
A few suggestions to help you find and make the most of a good internship. 

Thrust into the Halls of Appellate Court
By Earsa R. Jackson – August 13, 2019
Preparation is the name of the game, and use the resources around you.

A Very Brief Introduction to the GDPR Recitals
By Leonard Wills – May 01, 2019
Those who maintain a General Data Protection Regulation compliance program must review both the articles and recitals in assessing an organization’s compliance.

A Brief Guide to Handling a Cyber Incident
By Leonard Wills – February 27, 2019
How an organization responds to a data breach or cyberattack can have an enormous financial and reputational cost.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
By Leonard Wills – January 3, 2019
A brief overview of the PCI DSS and its importance in cybersecurity.


How to Become a Cybersecurity Lawyer
By Leonard Wills – November 2, 2018
This field can be difficult for a law student to enter, but here are some tips to help set yourself up for success.

NIST Launches Voluntary Privacy Framework
By Leonard Wills – September 19, 2018
The framework provides an enterprise-level approach for organizations to create strategies that prioritize privacy protections without compromising business needs.

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Favors Employers
By Leonard Wills – May 31, 2018
The Court held that courts must enforce the class- and collective-action waivers contained in arbitration agreements, overturning a 2012 NLRB ruling.

Inclusive Legal Spaces: The Importance of Diverse Mentoring
By Faith Deredge – April 11, 2018
Diversity and inclusion are key to ensuring the continued progression and evolution of the American legal system.

Women's Rights: The #MeToo Movement
By Faith Deredge – March 29, 2018
Law-enforcement agencies are tasked with working within policies that make it difficult for survivors to bring their assailants to justice.

SCOTUS to Reopen Case Heard by Racist Juror
By Leonard Wills – March 29, 2018
Keith Tharpe has a chance to overturn his 27-year-old death sentence.

Your Client’s Privacy Posture: The Need for a Privacy Impact Assessment
By Leonard Wills – January 23, 2018
PIAs are internal documents that assess the effectiveness of privacy protections within an organization.


The Gig Economy, the Proliferation of Telemedicine, and the Millennials
By Sidney O. Minter – December 17, 2017
What do ride sharing and medicine have in common? Both areas offer digital platforms where professionals can contract out their services.

Downtown Philadelphia Development Plans to House Dozens of Legal Aid Agencies in a Single Equal Justice Center
By Sathima Jones – December 15, 2017
The project aims to transform the delivery of such services to the city's struggling residents.

Access to Justice: Mitigating the Justice Gap
By Leonard Wills – December 3, 2017
A recent study showed that approximately 80 percent of low-income individuals cannot afford legal assistance.

Three Keys for Women to Take the First Chair Seat at Trial
By Amy M. Stewart – December 2, 2017
We must keep fighting for opportunities—we can do it!

Voices of Recovery Podcast Series
By ABA CoLAP – November 10, 2017
The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs debuted the first of a series of podcasts that will address substance use disorders, mental health issues, addiction, and recovery issues. Episode 1 features attorney Laurie Besden, the Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, who shares her battles with alcohol and drug addiction.

Myra Bradwell: The First Woman Admitted to the Illinois Bar
By Leonard Wills – October 31, 2017
During her life, she advocated for women and challenged the status quo of the legal profession.

Advantages of Mediation: Tips for Litigators
By Crystal Clopton – October 2, 2017
Everyone wins in a settlement.

6 Items Every Disaster Recovery Plan Should Include
By Leonard Wills – September 29, 2017
Do not neglect your client’s business continuity/disaster recovery plan.

Why Do Organizations and (Firms) Fail?
By Judi Rhee Alloway – September 28, 2017
Tips for starting a successful business or firm.

Mitigating the Effects of Cyberbullying
By Sathima Jones – September 27, 2017
Presently, the courts are simply unequipped to deal with combatting tech-based harassment.

Complaint in Cybersecurity Case Dismissed
By Leonard Wills – September 1, 2017
The plaintiff must show “concrete harm,” not just a potential cause of action.

Attorney Rating Sites: Do They Matter or Can They Get You in Trouble?
By Florence M. Johnson – August 30, 2017
A look at legal advertising on client referral service sites.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: Alternative Litigation Tools
By Joseph Tamborello Jr. – May 30, 2017
Many attorneys feel they need the "right case" to explore extra steps.

Are There Limits to Free Speech in the Courtroom?
By Florence M. Johnson – May 30, 2017
Think before you speak.

Motions to Seal: Shut Out Social Engineers
By Jean-Marie Crahan – May 30, 2017
A litigator’s tool to protect clients from hacking.

Vetting Your Expert Witness
By Florence Johnson – April 28, 2017
Knowing who to choose and why takes practice.

What You Should Know about the Taxation of Costs
By Florence Johnson – April 28, 2017
What the FRCP and U.S. Code Title 28 say on the matter.

6 Tips for Conducting a Deposition Fearlessly
By Sathima H. Jones – March 30, 2017
Depos can fill a young attorney with dread. But remember: They get easier with practice.

Tips for Building a Practice Around Your Strengths
By Florence M. Johnson – March 30, 2017
Don't fall victim to the common habit of trying to be all things to all clients.

Uber Seeks to Comply with California Self-Driving Regulations
By Leonard Wills – March 30, 2017
Manufacturers and the government must cooperate to further technological innovations and protect public safety.

When the Government is a Party in Litigation: Anticipating Roadblocks
By Florence M. Johnson – February 28, 2017
Employing these best practices can hopefully spare you some headaches down the road.

Pitch Perfect—The Fundamental Stages to an Effective Pitch for Business
By Andre’ Caldwell – February 28, 2017
Six stages of a pitch and tips for successfully completing each stage.

Using Litigation Skills in the Public Policy Arena
By Janice V. Arellano – February 28, 2017
This practice point is geared for the pre-law student or law student who may have an interest in legislative work.

Sixth Circuit Requires Prima Facie Evidence as It Dismisses ADEA Claim
By Van D. Turner Jr. – February 28, 2017
Employment attorneys should be aware that prima facie requirements apply to ADEA claims as well as those for race discrimination.

Practice Hacks—Capturing Time
By Edd Peyton – January 29, 2017
A how-to guide for making the most of your time.

Client Hacks: Protecting Yourself When a Corporate Client Is Hedging Its Bets
By Florence M. Johnson – January 28, 2017
What to do with corporate clients who may have questionable agendas.

Hacking the Short Hearing
By Fentrice D. Driskell – January 27, 2017
Tips for making the most of a 10-minute hearing.


An Engineer for Justice: Paulette Brown
By Andre' Caldwell – December 28, 2016
With all her efforts effecting change, she affirms that there is still much work to be done.

Coworking Spaces and Maintaining Professional Responsibility
By Janice V. Arellano – November 30, 2016
A discussion on bridging the gap between "baby boomers" and "millennials."

When the Judge Is Wrong
By Florence M. Johnson – November 30, 2016
It’s a judge’s job to be right—but what do you do when they’re not?

Surviving the Holiday Party Season: An Employer’s Quick Reference Guide
By Sidney O. Minter – November 28, 2016
Tips for navigating these hotbeds for potential employer liability.

New York State Department of Financial Services Proposes Cyber Security Regulations
By Leonard Wills – November 7, 2016
The draft sets minimum standards to protect customer information.

Making the Deposition Work for You
By Florence M. Johnson – October 31, 2016
Keep these best practices in mind to protect yourself from future embarrassment.

Millennial Lawyers Beware!
By LaKeisha R. Randall – October 31, 2016
Young lawyers are most at risk for substance abuse and mental health problems.

Livery Cabs vs. Lyfts: Recent Litigation Challenges to the Ride-Sharing Frontier
By Sathima H. Jones – October 31, 2016
The taxi industry is struggling without a clear set of regulations to govern new ride-sharing technology.

Data Diligence and Confidentiality Obligations
By Florence M. Johnson – October 31, 2016
Can you trust that deleting a breached client file means it’s gone forever? I don’t think so.

Pokémon No Go
By Leonard Wills – August 23, 2016
The class action lawsuit can have a significant impact on the gaming industry.

Affirmative Action Decision at University of Texas
By Sathima Jones – July 12, 2016
A new report underscores the importance of legal representation for foster kids.

New Gender Antidiscrimination Laws for Federal Contractors
By Michael L. Huggins – June 18, 2016
The first substantive amendment in over 45 years.

Four Tips from Creative Nonfiction for Better Legal Writing
By Handel Destinvil – May 26, 2016

Madden NFL Lawsuit Gets Sent Back to the Locker Room
By George Blazeski – April 1, 2016

New York Residents File Suit to Eliminate the "Tampon Tax"
By Handel Destinvil – March 29, 2016

Bankrupt or Busted?
By Michael L. Huggins – February 25, 2016

Target Wins Legal Battle to Sell Rosa Parks's Books, Movies, and More
By Leonard Wills – February 18, 2016

CA Grand Jury Reform Law Highlights Budding, National Trend
By Handel Destinvil – February 10, 2016

Some Fashion Trends Are Not for Court
By Michael L. Huggins – February 10, 2016

Best Approach to Oral Arguments from the Bench?
By Michael L. Huggins – February 2, 2016

ABA Committee Proposes New Model Rule of Professional Conduct
By Handel Destinvil – January 17, 2016


Statistics and Law Practice
By Janice Arellano – December 23, 2015

In Case of Divorce, Destroy the Eggs
By Leonard Wills – December 9, 2015

Congress and SEC Implement the Use of Crowdfunding to Spur Economic Growth
By Leonard Wills – November 18, 2015

NY Governor Cuomo Expands Human Rights Law to Include Transgender People
By Handel Destinvil – November 11, 2015

Legal Remedies for Violations of U.S. Citizens Overseas Unavailable
By Leonard Wills – November 2, 2015

Female Migrant Workers Win Over $17 Million
By Sathima Jones – September 20, 2015

New York's Oyster Bay "Labor Day" Weekend
By Janice Arellano – September 4, 2015

The Judicial Imagination and "Illegal Aliens"
By Handel Destinvil – September 4, 2015

Obama Administration Introduces New Administrative Rule on Fair Housing
By Handel Destinvil – August 13, 2015

Judge Rules Against Washington Redskins in Trademark Decision Appeal
By Handel Destinvil – August 3, 2015

How the Supreme Court Saved the Affordable Care Act
By Sathima Jones – July 8, 2015

Closer Read of Justice Scalia's Dissent Shows a Hollow Paean to Diversity
By Handel Destinvil – July 4, 2015

Manhattan Federal Jury Says Wall Street Must Pay
By Aaron VanNostrand – July 1, 2015

The White Social Network: Facebook Criticized for Low Employee Diversity
By Dustin W. Osborne – July 1, 2015

More Than Skin Deep
By Dustin W. Osborne – June 29, 2015

Affirmative Action: SCOTUS to Rehear Case Regarding Race in College Acceptance
By Aaron VanNostrand – June 29, 2015

Micro-Aggressions from the Boardroom, Courtroom, to the Presidential Campaign Trail
By Sathima Jones – June 11, 2015

NCCU Chancellor Accused of Discrimination
By Aaron VanNostrand – June 1, 2015

Tinseltown Turmoil: Hollywood Criticized for Lack of Female Directors
By Aaron VanNostrand – May 29, 2015

FIFA Officials and Executives Given the Red Card
By Joshua Sato – May 28, 2015

Nails Crackdown: Pushing Towards Fair Labor Standards for Salon Employees
By Janice Arellano – May 28, 2015

HBO Wins in Defamation Suit Over 'Real Sports' Segment
By Michael L. Huggins – May 21, 2015

No Blond Hair Because You Are Black? Seriously?
By Minla Kim – April 8, 2015

Serving Divorce Through Facebook
By Michael L. Huggins – April 8, 2015

Transgender Inmates Make Strides Securing Constitutional Right to Adequate Medical Care
By Joseph Hanna – April 7, 2015

Freedom after 28 Years on Death Row
By Michael L. Huggins – April 6, 2015

Ellen Pao Loses Sex Discrimination Suit Against Kleiner Perkins
By Joshua Sato – April 6, 2015

Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act Sparks Controversy
By Joshua Sato – March 31, 2015

Government Access to Computers in Criminal Investigations
By Michael L. Huggins – March 30, 2015

Blurring the Lines Between Infringement and Inspiration
By Sathima Jones – March 17, 2015

Balancing the First Amendment and Anti-Hate Lessons on College Campuses
By Janice Arellano – March 13, 2015

Alabama Chief Justice's Tantrum Creates Hodgepodge of Same-Sex Marriage Policies
By Minla Kim – February 26, 2015

Japan Takes First Step Toward Gay Rights Movement
By Minla Kim – February 26, 2015

Will Nebraska Be the Next State to Ban LGBT Workplace Discrimination?
By James D. Macri – February 23, 2015