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Sound Advice

Practice Tips on What to Do After Missing a Filing Deadline in Federal Courts
By Alex Chan – November 21, 2019
In this sound advice, Mr. Chan offers practice tips and best practices on dealing with missed filing deadlines in federal courts. (11:18 min)

Tips from the Bench: Successfully Arguing Motions in a Court of Equity
By Alexander Wharton and Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins – November 7, 2019
In this Sound Advice, Alexander Wharton and Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins discuss how to prepare and prepare to win your motion in a Court of Equity regarding a matters of equity. (12:56 min)

Social Media and Marketing
By Alex Chan
In this Sound Advice, Mr. Alex Chan, a patent trial lawyer and a cofounder of a legal analytics startup, offers insights on how best to use social media for marketing and promoting your or your law firm's branding. (8:42 min)

The Pursuit of Social and Legal Justice: How a Minority Trial Lawyer Can Do Their Part
By Ruby R. Wharton and Alexander Wharton
Attorney Ruby Wharton gives advice to Minority Trial Lawyers on how to make positive changes in their communities. (15:09 min)

Trial Tips for Young Lawyers
By Malik Pickett
Trial tips specifically geared towards new lawyers. (9:29 min)

Introduction to Litigating Special Education Matters for the Young Lawyer
By Janice Arellano
This Sound Advice will provide an overview of what it is like to practice in the area of special education. (11:59 min)

To Represent or Not
By Richard Green
Issues involving depositions and communications with unrepresented non-party fact witnesses. (8:44 min.)

Working Successfully with In House Counsel
By Charles E. Griffin
This Sound Advice discusses Working Successfully with In House Counsel from an Outside Counsel perspective. (08:19 min)

Quick Tips for Taking Effective Depositions
By Stephen Reynolds
Listen in as Reynolds features some of his important tips on strategy for taking effective depositions. (8:54 min)

Recent Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
By Tanya Blocker
As of December 1, 2015, there are new amendments to the FRCP. Listen as Tanya Blocker reviews some of the changes, specifically those to Rules 26 and Rule 34. (6:59 min)

Drones: What Are They and How Are They Changing Our Laws?
Drones were primarily introduced in the context of the military, but their uses are expanding all the time. Joe Hanna explains their current rules and regulation.

Distinctions and Differences between State and Federal Practice as it Concerns Depositions
Listen as two of Goldberg Segalla’s top litigators examine the juxtaposition of rules for depositions—Ellen Greiper explains federal rules while Marvin Romero discusses state rules.

Anatomy of a Construction Defect Case
By Ellen Greiper and Eric Cohen
An overview of this specific type of litigation and some tips on how best to handle these cases, which present several unique scenarios and challenges for attorneys. (12:41 min)

The Transition from Prosecutor to Private Practice
By Andre Caldwell
Making the switch from the public sector to private realm can be challenging. Listen as former prosecutor Andre Caldwell shares advice on how to make this transition go smoothly. (7:29 min)

Best Practices for Pretrial Discovery and the Use of Experts
Joe Hanna gives tips on conducting pretrial discovery and using experts to help give you the advantage. (09:10 min)

Law Firm Diversity - Part I
Law Firm Diversity - Part II
Discussions about diversity in law firms are far more common now than 25 years ago, but the numbers show that talk needs to become action. Listen as Joe Hanna breaks down the statistics.
(10:13 min)

Diversity: Translating Talk into Action
Listen as David Tsai, associate at Townsend and Townsend and Crew of San Francisco and Co-Chair of the ABA Section of Litigation’s LGBT Committee shares 10 specific ideas for fostering an environment in your law firm that welcomes and promotes diversity.

Tips for Minority Associates
Victor P. Henderson
Holland & Knight
Chicago, IL


Making Your Value Known: Effective Self Promotion for Women
Learn about the importance of self-promotion, the effect of gender differences in self-promotion, the particular challenges that women and minorities face, and practical tips to overcome them. Hailyn Chen, a partner at Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP, will share the latest research on self-promotion and its key role in women’s career advancement. She’ll provide practical tips from her own and others’ experiences on firm compensation and hiring committees and lead the Roundtable through an interactive group exercise to practice self-promotion. The Roundtable will address scenarios faced by both younger and more senior attorneys, in contexts such as attorney evaluations, promotion to partnership, and compensation negotiation. (1:02:26 min)

Business Development: Expanding Your Opportunities Through Mentoring Relationships
Our esteemed panel of experts and attorneys discuss the importance for young lawyers to seek out appropriate mentors that can help guide them as they develop plans to generate their own business as well as how more experienced attorneys can effectively mentor junior attorneys in this critical area of practice. (1:05:53 min.)