Recent Practice Points

A Guide on Informational Interviews

By Leonard Wills – October 24, 2019 | Informational interviews differ from job interviews, but they can lead to numerous outcomes such as job opportunities, career guidance, mentors, and more.


Re-Entering the Legal Profession after Caring for Kids

By Tien T. Cai – December 19, 2019 | As our world changes, men and women can be free to take on non-stereotypical roles when there is a lower threat of job loss from raising a family.

Common Issues to Consider when Arguing Before the Federal Circuit

By Alex Chan – July 30, 2019 | A list of procedural and substantive issues to help you improve your chance of success on appeal before the Federal Circuit.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Practice Tips on What to Do After Missing a Filing Deadline in Federal Courts

In this sound advice, Alex Chan offers practice tips and best practices on dealing with missed filing deadlines in federal courts. (11:18 min)

Tips from the Bench: Successfully Arguing Motions in a Court of Equity

In this Sound Advice, Alexander Wharton and Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins discuss how to prepare and prepare to win your motion in a Court of Equity regarding a matters of equity. (12:56 min)

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Minority Trial Lawyer

Learn how to get involved with the Minority Trial Lawyer Committee and maximize your Section membership!