Recent Practice Points

Thrust into the Halls of Appellate Court

By Earsa R. Jackson – August 13, 2019 | Preparation is the name of the game, and use the resources around you.

A Very Brief Introduction to the GDPR Recitals

By Leonard Wills – May 01, 2019 | Those who maintain a General Data Protection Regulation compliance program must review both the articles and recitals in assessing an organization’s compliance.

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Common Issues to Consider when Arguing Before the Federal Circuit

By Alex Chan – July 30, 2019 | A list of procedural and substantive issues to help you improve your chance of success on appeal before the Federal Circuit.

Sound Advice Podcasts

Social Media and Marketing

In this Sound Advice, Mr. Alex Chan, a patent trial lawyer and a cofounder of a legal analytics startup, offers insights on how best to use social media for marketing and promoting your or your law firm's branding. (8:42 min)

The Pursuit of Social and Legal Justice: How a Minority Trial Lawyer Can Do Their Part

Attorney Ruby Wharton gives advice to Minority Trial Lawyers on how to make positive changes in their communities. (15:09 min)

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Minority Trial Lawyer

Learn how to get involved with the Minority Trial Lawyer Committee and maximize your Section membership!