Recent Practice Points

Five Things that Make a Great Mentor

By Lindsey Buonomo, Emily Federico, Colleen Lenz, Marshall Harris, Benjamin Woolley, Melissa Morea Evola, and Rachel Woloszynski – December 2, 2020 | A few ways to help you be the best possible resource for your mentee.

How to Quell the Overwhelm: Using Organization and Self-Care to Manage Stress

By Nisha Verma – March 25, 2020 | It is worth the investment to find out what strategies meet your unique needs for your health and well-being, as well as your career advancement.

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States Working to Protect Small Businesses Through Insurance

By Sathima Jones – May 6, 2020 | Summary of legislative efforts to compel insurers to pay COVID-19 related business interruption losses.

From Olympic Gymnast to Corporate Litigator: A Conversation with Tasha Schwikert

By Janice Arellano – April 14, 2020 | Tips for young lawyers on transferring skills after changing careers and advocating for diversity and inclusion.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Practice Tips on What to Do After Missing a Filing Deadline in Federal Courts

In this sound advice, Alex Chan offers practice tips and best practices on dealing with missed filing deadlines in federal courts. (11:18 min)

Tips from the Bench: Successfully Arguing Motions in a Court of Equity

In this Sound Advice, Alexander Wharton and Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins discuss how to prepare and prepare to win your motion in a Court of Equity regarding a matters of equity. (12:56 min)

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Minority Trial Lawyer

Learn how to get involved with the Minority Trial Lawyer Committee and maximize your Section membership!