Recent Practice Points

The Argument for EI: Why Emotional Intelligence Is as Important as IQ

By Josh White – June 3, 2019 | Having social and self-awareness and being skilled in relationship and self-management will help you succeed in the legal industry.

What Do You Want? Twelve Questions to Help You Create Your Future

By Paula Black – June 3, 2019 | Creating goals and strategy for your business and personal development helps you to set your course, helps you articulate your commitments, and fosters a sense of accomplishment.


Cybersecurity Obligations and Best Practices for Employers

By Alyssa M. Hicks – May 28, 2019 | Be aware of the potential dangers of electronically storing employees’ personal information and of how to avoid liability.

CCPA Essentials: How to Get Started

By Sundeep Kapur – May 28, 2019 | Key questions and obligations that privacy and cybersecurity professionals must consider when determining if and how to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Sound Advice Podcasts

Social Media and Marketing

In this Sound Advice, Mr. Alex Chan, a patent trial lawyer and a cofounder of a legal analytics startup, offers insights on how best to use social media for marketing and promoting your or your law firm's branding. (8:42 min)

The Pursuit of Social and Legal Justice: How a Minority Trial Lawyer Can Do Their Part

Attorney Ruby Wharton gives advice to Minority Trial Lawyers on how to make positive changes in their communities. (15:09 min)

Minority Trial Lawyer

Learn how to get involved with the Minority Trial Lawyer Committee and maximize your Section membership!