Maintaining Optimal Health and Wellness Through This COVID Winter

This program from the Litigation Section’s Mental Health & Wellness Task Force includes a discussion on maintaining optimal health and wellness through this COVID winter.

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Webinar Recording: Mindfulness with Dr. Diana Uchiyama

In case you missed it at the 2020 Virtual Fall Leadership Meeting, here is a recording of the webinar, Mindfulness with Dr. Diana Uchiyama. Please watch to learn more about lawyer well-being and practice mindfulness exercises to help reduce stress and increase overall health.

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The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health in 2021 Is Get Back to Basics

By Erin Clifford – With health already at something of a low point, the idea of setting and keeping resolutions for the new year might feel insurmountable.

How I Fought Back Against Depression

By Emily Kirk – The story of one Section leader’s struggle with depression showing there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

How to Take Care of Your Well-Being During the Holidays

By Erin Clifford – Balance is the key to managing, and enjoying, this time of the year.

Lawyer Assistance Programs and How They Are Working to Meet the Current Need

By Charla Bizios Stevens – An interview with the executive directors of the New Hampshire and Illinois LAPs.

Litigators Have the Tools to Adapt to a New Normal

By Sonya Rao – It’s important that we share our stories when we can as we all learn to live with coronavirus.nd more peace.

What COVID-19 Taught Me About Resilience

By Charla Bizios Stevens – While what works for me won’t work for everyone, I offer these thoughts as a challenge to others to alter their way of thinking about work and life and to explore what permanent changes they might make to give themselves more personal satisfaction and more peace.

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