November 10, 2015 Articles

Show It, Don't Tell It: Twenty-First-Century Animation in Air Crash Litigation

By Michael S. Krzak

Technology has made security cameras, video recording devices, cell phones, and other devices and media commonplace. With the increasing prevalence of such devices, occurrences such as air crashes are more frequently captured in real time. In addition, satellite and other tracking devices can be used to determine the path an aircraft has taken. The digital flight data recorder (DFDR), which is on many aircraft, captures a number of parameters that, when obtained and used appropriately, provide significant information regarding what different mechanisms on the plane were doing at a particular time and measurements such as what the air speed of the aircraft was at different points in time along the flight and crash sequence. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) records all of the sounds in the cockpit, which provides vital information for determining exactly what was going on in the cockpit during the flight and crash sequence.

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