March 19, 2014 Articles

Book Review: The Class Action Fairness Act: Law and Strategy

By Linda Mullenix

The Class Action Fairness Act: Law and Strategy
Gregory C. Cook, editor
ABA Section of Litigation, 2013

Since enactment of the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) in February 2005, federal courts have issued hundreds of decisions interpreting and applying CAFA. Even for dedicated class-action practitioners, the amount of CAFA case law has been and continues to be daunting. In The Class Action Fairness Act: Law and Strategy, editor Gregory C. Cook has brought together an eminent group of practitioners―on all sides of the docket, including public-interest attorneys―to bring order out of the CAFA chaos. This one-volume handbook begins with a short overview of Congress’s creation of new federal diversity jurisdiction for class actions and the creation of a new procedural mechanism, the “mass action.” The book’s introduction also highlights CAFA’s most significant changes to settlement practices. And, for visual learners, the book’s introduction contains a handy flow chart that provides graphic guidance through CAFA’s intricate sections and subsections.

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